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The power of Tokenization is simple:

Replace something hackers can use with something they can’t use. ​

For years now we’ve tried to protect account numbers, credit card numbers, health and government ID numbers with cybersecurity band aids – various technologies designed to keep the hackers away, or out. They worked sometimes but not often enough.​

Enter Tokenization where the band aids are no longer needed and the customer experience gets much better.​

Digital Transformation hinges upon a new approach to cybersecurity. According to IDC, 40 percent of all technology spending will go toward digital transformations, with enterprises spending in excess of $2 trillion by 2019. But is it secure? As enterprises modernize their IT infrastructures they are increasingly placing sensitive data at vulnerable edge points; such as, mobile devices, IOT, and wearables. All of this means more and more data on the move.

Sequent’s vision is to secure data on the move and to do so in a way that reduces friction and improves the customer experience. Digital Transformation is largely about making it easier for businesses to do business with their customers. Whether it’s making a payment with your wearable, accessing health records with your mobile phone, or trusting an IOT device, Sequent wants to make all of that happen in a secure, customer friendly and cost-effective way.

Enter Securing Data on the Move with Tokenization by Sequent.

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Meet Us at Money 20/20 Las Vegas

Come meet us at Money 20/20 Las Vegas! Members of Sequent will be attending the upcoming show. If you would like to meet with someone from Sequent during the show, please contact us at to schedule a meeting. To learn more about Sequent, be sure to visit our About Us section on

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Mobile payments security with a “Defense in Depth”

Mobile payments is the next “big thing” for consumers. But how can we keep it from becoming so for hackers as well? As our “always on” culture moves from good old plastic and chip cards to mobile phones, where data and software are more vulnerable to hackers, how do we maintain trust without eliminating utility?…

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