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Sequent was founded on two basic principles. First, consumers need the ability to make payments anywhere, using their mobile phones and apps they know and trust without worrying about technology or acceptance at merchants. Second, the mobile payments ecosystem needs a neutral provider of secure software solutions that can bring simplicity to an overly complex ecosystem.

Last week Sequent was proud to announce our solution for cloud-based mobile payments.  Building on our commercially deployed platform, we are now adding cloud issuance, tokenization and Host Card Emulation (HCE) functionality to our PCI- and EMV-compliant Digital Issuance solution, recently approved by Visa.

With this capability, Sequent will give issuers and mobile networks the ability to choose between hardware or cloud-based secure storage of credentials. We’ll also provide flexible options for scalable deployments in multiple markets and environments.

Of equal importance, Sequent’s patented Open Wallet Platform turns banking, MNO, and merchant apps into mobile wallets. It ensures that consumers can use all of their digitized payment and non-payment cards with the applications they know and trust for transactions anywhere.

Inside the industry there are plenty of debates: NFC versus bar code; secure element versus HCE & cloud; etc.  In our view, what’s been missing is consumer-centric focus. What combination of technologies and platforms is necessary to meet the needs of businesses today and tomorrow, and, most importantly, benefit their customers?

At Sequent, we focus on keeping it simple and offer the industry a secure platform that can leverage both hardware and cloud based technologies, as well as NFC and bar code for broad-based secure payments anywhere.  We know consumers have already established trusted relationships with brands and apps so we simply, and securely, make those apps more valuable with cards they already possess. And in the process we will make mobile payments simple.

I frequently joke that when Louis Vuitton provides a digital wallet that replicates what my wife carries today – meaning all card types to be used with the brands she already trusts – then I know this industry is on the right track.  Sequent is the only company that enables that simple value proposition: the marriage of an open platform for app developers built on a payment grade security infrastructure.

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Robb Duffield

Robb Duffield

Robb Duffield is the CEO for Sequent


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