Sequent Re-certifies Against the Highest Level of Payment Card Security

Payments and data security is a never-ending journey punctuated by both “milestones” and “events”.

Milestones are the high points associated with meaningful security improvements (e.g. a new feature, product, or tool that better protects the data) or newly demonstrated competency in managing security. A security-mindful company will experience these positive milestones frequently and consistently.

Events are the low points associated with threats to the data security. Companies that take security seriously will experience few—or zero—events and are adept at minimizing the consequences. Conceptually, milestones and events are inversely related: the more milestones achieved, the fewer and less severe, the events will be experienced.

So why am I babbling about “milestones and events”?

One of the most important positive milestones every payment data processing company experiences is validating their PCI-DSS compliance. This annual activity is neither easy nor routine, and a PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification for Service Providers is the “Gold Standard” for commercial processors. It requires both, a company-wide commitment and in-house expertise to initially achieve and then maintain against ever-toughening requirements.

I am proud to be part of the Sequent team that has revalidated our Level 1 PCI-DSS certification (DSS version 3.2). This significant milestone assures banks, payments service providers, and merchants of all sizes, that Sequent’s technology, internal processes, secure hosted environments, and on-device software, meet or exceed all the required global requirements. Noteworthy in this year’s revalidation is the inclusion of new data handling components, specifically the inclusion of Sequent’s on-device SDK.  From the APIs of our on-device SDK, through token orchestration, token vault and trust authority services, to the platform APIs that connect to the card management systems at our card issuing customers, the scope of Sequent’s PCI-DSS recertification now includes the entirety of Sequent’s hosted tokenization service.

Read more about our PCI-DSS re-certification here:

Press Release – Sequent Software Announces PCI-DSS Re-certification

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Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson is the Chief Security Officer for Sequent

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