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Sequent provides a transparent turn-key solution for Digital Transformation.


Increasing volume in digital payments is forcing networks to innovate at a rapid rate. In the face of widespread criminal cyber threats, security and brand trust have become a critical currency in maintaining customer loyalty.

Most takeover attacks share a common theme: sensitive consumer information or account credentials are poached by cybercriminals, allowing bad actors to pose as legitimate users.  Sequent replaces these credentials with secure tokens that are impervious to breaches.



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Sequent supports payment network and customer tokens across all form factors (NFC, QR-Code, e-commerce) anywhere in the world.  Our ability to issue multiple tokens per payment account enables transparent secure transactions on the go.


Banks are encountering competition from non-traditional players such as Apple, Google, PayPal and a host of other payments providers.  Faced with diminished relevance in the market, banks are keen to differentiate their services. Leveraging tokenization in bank's security and loyalty strategies is an ideal opportunity to stand out among the competition.


Sequent Platform supports instant issuance of payment tokens, reducing the need to issue a plastic card.



Sequent Tokenization is integrated across all schemes, certified, transparent to consumers and is implemented within current business processes and infrastructure.


In the rapidly growing mobile eCommerce channel, Sequent addresses the security issues of storing card details and credentials-on-file with the shield of tokenization.

Tokenization redefines the parameters of mobile payments, reducing the risk of fraud and eliminating friction at the point of sale.




Tokenization redefines mobile eCommerce by reducing fraud through enhanced security while eliminating friction at the point of sale, providing a great consumer experience.