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Sales and Marketing Analyst: Internships

The Analyst will be responsible for creating and maintaining sales presentations, assist in responding to request for quotations, and create cost estimates for sales quotations. Additionally, the Analyst will research target markets and customers and determine potential target customers for the Company's products.  The Analyst will also assist the Sales Team in contacting potential customers, conduct sales meetings and follow-up. The Analyst will also work with CEO and CFO to help determine the sales pipeline and budget.


The position requires collaboration with Product Management, Engineering, Customer Success, Secure Dev Ops, Finance teams as well as the CEO in order to develop sales materials and target customers.

Job Duties:

▪︎ Strong analytical skills

▪︎ Strong research skills

▪︎ Proficiency in Microsoft Office including Excel, Powerpoint and Word

▪︎ Strong communication and presentation skills

▪︎ Projection and forecasting skills

▪︎ Ability to work independently and with cross-functional teams

▪︎ Organizational skills

▪︎ Degree in business administration, finance, or marketing a plus

For the full job description and more information, please contact

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