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Quality Assurance Lead Engineer


Sequent Software Inc. is looking for an experienced Quality Assurance Lead Engineer to head up our QA team with the following qualifications:

Job Duties:

Test Execution and Automation

▪︎ Direct end-to-end process surrounding automation of the deployment process and validation of deployment

▪︎ Oversee overall aspects of Rest API automation, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, android app automation

▪︎ Carry out smoke, functional, integration, stress, and regression testing of the webservices

▪︎ Utilize Appium, Selenium, and TestNG to implement test automation scripts for testing Android and iOS applications

▪︎ Perform load testing through utilization of JMeter for evaluating the performance and failure thresholds of the API’s and DB

▪︎ Review and evaluate application events and authenticate event reporting with Kafka

▪︎ Validate the application artifacts on the CI server via JMeter test suite

Application Deployments

▪︎ Validate Docker secret, Docker config, and YAML file composition and certificate configuration

▪︎ Authorize Docker containers and installation packages for 3rd party package liabilities

▪︎ Review Terraform scripts on cloud solution to assure consistent deployment

▪︎ Validate deployment documentation, API spec documentation and product documentation

Team Coordination and Management

▪︎ Work with JIRA and Zephyr to oversee bug reporting and tracking

▪︎ Work with the Sequent Product team to review product designs and build the test plan

▪︎ Work with the Sequent Customer Success team to review bug and provide some technical information when necessary

▪︎ Approve QA results for product releases

Tools and Technology Experience

▪︎ JMeter and Postman for API testing and automation

▪︎ Selenium and Appium for Android App automation

▪︎ Jira and Zephyr for test case tracking and reporting

▪︎ Restassured for API automation suite

▪︎ ava for REST API automation and Android App automation

▪︎ Go (Golang) for deployment assistance utilities

▪︎ MySQL and Oracle databases

Experience in FinTech, Mobile Payments or Mobile Identity Management is favorable. This opportunity comes with many advantages, including being a remote worker, full benefits, appealing compensation plan. Travel throughout EMEA is expected. 


For the full job description and more information, please contact

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