Sequent Launches Cloud-Based Digital Issuance Solution

April 29th, 2014

Tokenization and HCE Together with Open Wallet Platform, Allows Banks to Securely Enable Applications for Consumers

Mountain View, CA – Sequent Software, the world’s leading provider of digital issuance and mobile wallet platform-as-a-service, announced today that it is introducing cloud-based digital issuance to its portfolio of products.

The company’s PCI- and EMV- compliant Digital Issuance solution, will support cloud-based issuance, tokenization and Host Card Emulation (HCE) functionality.  As industry security requirements and programs become available, Sequent will leverage its approved Digital Issuance TSM infrastructure to build fully compliant cloud issuance services. By adding cloud functionality, Sequent becomes the only company to provide a complete digital issuance solution to the cloud or secure element with a platform to extend digitalized cards into applications consumers already know and trust.

Sequent’s platform and APIs give banks new options to create compelling user experiences in partnership with application developers. It lets banks extend the reach of their digital card products beyond their own apps, providing authorized app developers and merchant applications use of bank digital cards for physical world payments.

“The Sequent solution gives banks control over their digital issuance strategy and unlock the value of their brands through their own mobile banking app or partner apps,” said Robb Duffield, CEO of Sequent. “We give banks flexibility of deployment by leveraging cloud and secure element technology to work with all partners for secure mobile payments using NFC, QR code and other technologies.”

This approach simplifies and extends application interaction with digital cards through use of Sequent’s patent-pending on-device middleware, enabling issuing of digital cards and tokens from the cloud while managing security and user experience on the device.

The product supports recently released Visa, MasterCard and EMVCo specifications and uses tokenization of card data to ensure interoperability and reduce fraud risk.

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Sequent is the world’s leading provider of digital issuance and mobile wallet platform-as-a-service that delivers secure mobile payments and value-added services to banksmobile operatorsmerchants and access control providers. With Sequent, customers can extend digitized cards to trusted applications for an open ecosystem of partners and developers while maintaining the strictest requirements of highly secure, regulated industries.  Sequent products include: Open Wallet PlatformDigital Issuance and Trust Authority. Sequent is endorsed and used by major customers on four continents. For more information visit, follow us @sequentsw.

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