The Sequent Secure Channel Partner Program offers participants the opportunity to resell, deploy and support Sequent solutions. Sequent relies on partners and partnerships to deliver greater customer value through app development, integration and support services.

Sequent created the Secure Channel Partner Program in order to support the entire partner lifecycle, from sales and technical enablement through deployment and customer support.​

Sequent seeks partners who share its vision of accelerating the adoption of digitized cards in smartphone apps and IoT devices with card data provided from the relatively few commercially available token vaults in the world, including Sequent’s own TSP-as-a-service.   With Sequent Platform, mobile app providers in banking, payments, transit, access control and identification services can easily enhance both existing and new apps with comprehensive wallet functionality.

Sequent Secure Channel Partners have the flexibility to offer Sequent Platform as both a hosted Platform-as-a-Service and an on-premise enterprise deployment. Sequent Platform delivers a pre-built, trusted channel that enables seamless access to secure mobile payment, access and identification service providers. Mobile app developers can leverage the APIs of Sequent’s SDK and Sequent Platform to access the full digital capabilities of NFC-based services. Sequent Secure Channel Partners can leverage Sequent’s breadth of certifications including PCI DSS Level 1, Mastercard and Visa integrations and certifications.

Application Developers can experience Sequent Platform token orchestration and token vault capabilities at no charge from Sequent’s hosted, PCI-DSS Level 1 certified, evaluation environment by contacting Sequent at

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