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Sequent Software Announces PCI-DSS Re-certification

Sequent’s TSP Receives the Highest Level of PCI Validation for Payment Card Security

Santa Clara, CA,  – Sequent Software Inc, one of the world’s leading providers of tokenization services, announced the re-certification of its Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) Version 3.2 for Service Providers, Level 1. PCI-DSS Level 1 certification enables Sequent to provide trusted services to merchants and banks of all sizes, and confirms that the company’s technology, internal processes, and secure hosted environments meet the required international standards.  The certification covers the entire Sequent Platform service, from the APIs of Sequent’s SDK used in wallet and banking apps, through Sequent TSM, TSP, and Token Vault capabilities, to the platform APIs that connect to bank card management systems.

Sequent’s PCI-DSS certification is also a fundamental necessity of Sequent’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) tokenization offering.  When leveraging Sequent’s PCI-compliant PaaS,customers enjoy faster time-to-market launches and more economical token issuance and orchestration services..  Large and small card issuers benefit from Sequent’s highly secure, on-demand service without the capital investment of on premise deployments or custom integration to third party TSPs.

“IoT pushes the boundaries from payments legacy financial data to tokens, authentication credentials and cryptographic keys,” said Lance Johnson, Chief Security Officer of Sequent. These are all highly sensitive and require specialized handling expertise. PCI-DSS compliant organizations like Sequent can objectively prove they have the expertise of managing this type of data, whether for a mobile wallet app or a tokenization service.  Leveraging PCI-DSS as a security foundation is one of the few ways TSP’s can prove their capability and competency.”

About Sequent
Sequent Platform tokenizes cards on mobile devices and makes them easy to use by consumers. Sequent enables banks, transit agencies, access control providers, and any other issuer, to securely digitize their credit, debit, transit, loyalty, or ID cards, distributing them to their own application, or any others, using the Sequent Platform. Sequent Platform includes: Token Service Provider (TSP), Card and Wallet Management Platform, and Trust Authority. Our simple APIs empower the app developer community to bring cards to all apps on mobile, wearable, and other connected devices, enabling consumers to make payments, redeem offers, open doors, and ride transit systems.

For more information, please visit www.sequent.com and like us on and LinkedIn and Facebook at Sequent Software Inc., as well as follow us on Twitter @sequentsw.

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