Tokenisation on the Move: Sequent Secures Mobile Payments Across EMEA

I recently re-joined Sequent to expand the company’s business in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) countries after a spell working with AI startups in Speech and Voice Biometrics. Why did I return? Mostly because of timing. I could see that Mobile and contactless payment technology have matured to a point where security is readily available to protect personal data shared between a user’s smartphone and any other mobile device or on-line service, thanks to HCE tokenisation that renders valuable data valueless to cybercriminals. And I could see that Sequent’s heritage and focus on deep-device security positions it brilliantly to lead this industry.

I’ve spent much of my career as a mobile specialist, rolling out new mobile innovations for Speech

Neil MacDonald, VP and GM EMEA, Sequent

Neil MacDonald, VP and GM EMEA, Sequent

Recognition and Predictive/Intelligent keyboards with brands including SwiftKey, Nuance, and HP. More recently my work involved delivering mobile biometric authentication, which, like Sequent, was protecting data on the move. I was led back to Sequent by the common link between these mobile technologies and Sequent — HCE Tokenisation. Sequent embraced HCE tokenisation as key to the development of a new, safe mobile payment market for fintech institutions such as banks and credit card issuers as well as corporate loyalty programs and eHealth systems.   

When I was asked by Sequent to spearhead Sequent’s rapidly expanding business in EMEA countries, it was a no-brainer for me. Sequent is consistently singled out for its laser focus on implementing the highest levels of security for mobile applications and for a wide span of customer use cases. Equally, Sequents’ rapid innovation is creating new-use cases to test and iterate quickly.

While U.S. adoption of mobile and contactless payments is growing, the EMEA regions have experienced broad adoption of mobile payments as users progressively gained confidence in the technology and welcomed the convenience of this new and easy payment mode. However, there is still significant room for growth with the mandated roll-out of NFC-enabled POS terminals. Similarly, merchants are benefiting from closer customer relationships that can be fostered by implementing contactless payments in the broader landscape of mobile engagement — contributing to a better understanding of their customers and thus becoming better able to serve them.

This is why I am excited to lead Sequent into established and new EMEA markets by providing mobile-contactless customers with mobile data security solutions that combine broadly accepted industry-standard technology alongside new and innovative methods, chief among them being tokenisation. 

The Road Ahead

The same principles used to tokenising HCE mobile payments can be applied to any industry where the imperative is to obfuscate valuable data, rendering it valueless to cybercrime. Sequent is cognizant that mobile security is a complex business yet implementing new technology quickly and efficiently is imperative to speed up time-to-market, expediting better security for its users’ data while on the go. Within the next few years, we’ll see all sorts of new contactless and mobile apps that will apply tokenisation and other new security technology across every industry.

Neil MacDonald has more than 25 years experience in high-tech sales, marketing, and business operations, and is now providing the benefits of that experience to Sequent new markets across Europe and Rest-of-World. MacDonald has helped many companies including SwiftKey, HP, and Nuance move from start-ups to sustainable businesses, and has been pivotal in achieving six successful exits in the last 10 years.



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Neil MacDonald

Neil MacDonald

Neil MacDonald is Sequent's Vice President of Sales and General Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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