How Payment Tokenization Provides Great Service And Prevents Fraud

New Currency Technology

With trust, user experience and security becoming the new currencies with which to buy consumer loyalty, banks are increasingly turning to Fintech partners and their technological solutions in the fight to provide great service and tackle things like payments fraud through payment tokenization.

The payments landscape is ever-changing, driven by consumer behaviors, regulation and technology advancements. To stop cybercriminals, who are evolving and adapting to new technologies just as quickly as industries innovate, the banks and payment service providers need technical solutions that:

  • Are easy to deploy, manage and upgrade
  • Evolve at a rate as quick, if not quicker, than the cyber criminals can adapt
  • Reduce costs

In the payments landscape, cards tokenization on the mobile device is a means to manage these three elements at the same time, making the traditional plastic card digital and easy to use by consumers.

Why Payment Tokenization is The Future

Payment Tokenization creates better customer experiences while improving payment security.

Payment tokenization platforms empower banks, transit agencies, access control providers, and any other card issuer, to securely digitize their credit, debit, transit, loyalty, or ID cards; distributing them to their own application, or any others, using the technology partner’s platform.

Payment tokenization becomes the definitive weapon against the cybercriminal, being able to replace sensitive information with data that has reuse value if it falls into the wrong hands. Payment tokenization is the next generation of security for the modern, highly connected, mobile world, and is just one example of the innovation required.

Sequent offers payment tokenization solutions for global banks.

For more information about payment tokenization, tell us a little about yourself by completing the form below, then you will get access to the 26 page white paper: “Trust, Security and User Experience New currencies emerge – the race is on to remain relevant!”

White Paper: Trust, Security and User Experience

This 26 page white paper looks at the mindset and specific technology banks need to adopt in order to support these three vital currencies; trust, security and user experience.

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