Cards & Apps

Bring All Cards to All Apps

Sequent Platform increases the distribution and use of cards by enabling issuer, merchant and third party mobile apps to pay (in-store, online, and in-app), ride transit, and open doors with their mobile device.

Increase Distribution of Digital Cards

Sequent Platform allows the secure distribution of digital cards to multiple partner apps. The card issuer retains control over the card data and the ability to use the card by authorized apps for payment.

Easy Adoption of Cards in Apps with APIs

Sequent APIs and SDK make it easy for approved app developers to add transaction capability to the apps consumers love and trust in order to make payments in the physical world as well as online and in-app. Modular design allows developers to plug in custom value-added applications such as loyalty, gift, and offers.

Use Cards Everywhere

Enable your mobile app to support credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, coupons, access control, and ticketing transactions using Near Field Communication (NFC). Sequent also powers in-app purchases and online transactions with the same credentials.

HCE-host card emulation-app enablement-mobile wallet-NFC

Off-the-Shelf White Label Wallet and Wallet Management

Sequent Card & Wallet Management is a complete mobile wallet and app management platform including wallet lifecycle, device lifecycle, rights and permissions, diagnostics, reporting, and off-the-shelf white label mobile wallet. Supports Android, Windows and Blackberry OS.

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