Top of wallet, top of app – your card in every app

HCE-host card emulation-app enablement-mobile wallet-NFC

Increase wallet share and card usage by distributing your card to every app and creating a network of partners on your platform.

HCE-host card emulation-app enablement-mobile wallet-NFC

Increase wallet share with your cards on mobile

Securely issue digital cards to the cloud or to mobile phones leveraging all secure element models (embedded, UICC, TEE, and uSD) and enable transactions anywhere using HCE mobile payments, tokenization, Near Field Communication (NFC), and barcode technology.

HCE-host card emulation-app enablement-mobile wallet-NFC

Make your banking app pay

Control your branding and increase customer engagement by quickly enabling your mobile banking app for payments anywhere using Sequent’s Card Management Platform.

Create a network of partners, bring your card to every app

Sequent enables banks to strengthen partnerships, increase card distribution, and become “top of app” in every app. With the Sequent Platform APIs, banks can enable trusted merchants and other partners to use their credit and debit cards for transactions with their apps in-store, online, or in-app.

Increase private label and prepaid usage

Issuers can increase popularity and usage of private label and prepaid cards by creating their own ecosystem of merchants and providing them with invaluable card usage data.

Gain customer insight and market VAS

Gain rich customer insight for you and your partners by capturing data from transactions that occur on your platform and use it to sell value-added services to your partners and consumers.

Protect your customer data

Protect your customer data from third party providers by building your own network of partner payment apps. Sequent is a trusted service provider for the banking industry, with bank-level security for all products and services and a leader in enabling secure HCE mobile payments.

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