Transit & Access

Your card everywhere – provision cards, tickets, and keys to mobile devices

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Use Sequent Platform to make access control, transit, and hospitality credentials available for mobile transactions anywhere.

HCE-host card emulation-app enablement-mobile wallet-NFC

Open doors and opportunities with digital issuance

Securely issue digital cards to mobile phones and give customers the ability to use their phones to ride transit, open doors and turnstiles. Your products with mobile cards  and keys become more important to consumers’ everyday lives.

HCE-host card emulation-app enablement-mobile wallet-NFC

Control your brand and customer experience

Control your brand and increase customer engagement by quickly enabling your mobile app for access control using Sequent Platform’s APIs and SDK.

Increase loyalty, gain rich customer insight

Increase customer loyalty and revenue by adding innovative value-added services and apps based on the rich customer insights you gain.

HCE-host card emulation-app enablement-mobile wallet-NFC

Bank-level security on all products

Sequent is a trusted service provider for the banking industry with bank-level security for all products and services. Sequent leverages the same high levels of security across all of the cards we issue and apps we enable.

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Sequent Tokenization & HCE

Secure digital card and credential issuance to mobile devices.

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Sequent Trust & Security

Secure Element Management service for securely managing credentials.

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