Global Program simplifies and accelerates the digitization of billions of cards on billions of mobile devices.


June 26, 2017


Sequent, one of the world’s leading providers of tokenization services, formally introduced the Sequent Secure Channel Partner Program for resellers worldwide. Sequent created the Secure Channel Partner Program to ensure that Sequent partners are fully equipped to take advantage of Sequent technology and thereby accelerate the implementation and adoption of highly secure mobile payment and access apps.

Sequent Platform was designed and built to enable mobile app development providers across a number of markets, including: mobile banking, payments, retail, transit, hospitality, access control, and the Internet of Things. Sequent’s open API/SDK architecture exposes a variety of trusted and secure services ranging from payment providers such as Mastercard and Visa, to private label, prepaid, debit and gift providers to Sequent’s own white label tokenization platform. Sequent’s All-IN-ONE platform simplifies and accelerates time to market for app developers who can focus on building the best customer experiences for their clients.

Sequent partners can take advantage of Sequent’s portfolio of security certifications from Visa and Mastercard, as well as Sequent’s own PCI-DSS Level 1 SP certification. Sequent also offers its partners both a TSP-as-a-Service and an enterprise licensing deployment model.

“Sequent seeks partners who share its vision of accelerating the adoption of digitized cards in smartphone apps and IoT devices with card data provided from the relatively few commercially available token vaults in the world, including Sequent’s own TSP-as-a-service, said John Kirst, Chief Revenue and Customer Officer of Sequent. “We believe Sequent has an unequaled value proposition for mobile app developers around the world.”