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Sequent Developer Program

What is the Sequent Developers Program?

The Sequent Developers Program invites developers to enhance their mobile apps with unique functionalities. Using the Sequent SDK and easy to use APIs, app developers can easily enable their existing apps for transactions in the physical world with a simple wave of a phone.

Turn your app into the next must-have consumer app by offering a multitude of enhanced functionality such as:

  • Tapping to pay at their favorite merchant
  • Tapping to earn and redeem loyalty points
  • Tapping to access transit systems or enter rooms

We make it simple for you

Sequent is using the power of APIs, easy onboarding and developer environment to simplify the development of apps for use in the physical environment with NFC and other technologies. Developers won’t need to worry about the complexities of secure element access, storage, compliance, or back-end connectivity.

When will it be available?

The Sequent Developers Program is officially in private beta. We're starting out by enabling Android devices on the Sprint network.

What will you get?

  • Sequent Core Card Services library files
  • Access Token to Sequent APIs
  • Sequent SDK documentation
  • Sequent SDK quick start guide
  • "Hello World" app sample code

What kind of APIs are available?

Sequent SDK provides simple APIs that let you Add Card, Manage Card, Download Card, among others.

public void getListOfCards(View view) {
    try {
        Result result = service.getListOfCards(getAppToken(), cards, true);
        if (result.getResultCode() != Result.RESULT_OK) {
            Log.e(LOG, "Error getting cards: " + result.getData());

Terms of Use:

The Terms of Use will be provided as part of the on-boarding process.