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April 11

What Sequent’s Visa approval means

On April 9th, Sequent announced that our Digital Issuance platform had been approved by Visa. Why am I so pleased to have passed one of the most grueling security evaluations a commercial entity can suffer through? One that makes PCI DSS look like a vacation? Because what is stressful for us provides peace of mind . . .

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Lance Johnson
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April 01

Canada: the future of mobile payments

Recently, a VentureBeat article put into words what we at Sequent have felt for a long time: that Canada may just be the future of mobile payments. Why is that?

Canada probably has the biggest penetration of contactless-enabled POS systems in the world. A whopping 75 percent of major retailers accept contactless payments. Consumers . . .

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Alain Desouza
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